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Abigail Smith

When Abigail Smith found herself in Clearing, she said she felt embarrassed and disappointed with herself.

She admits that she didn’t put in enough effort during college, not gaining high enough grades to get on to her first choice of university course, Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging.

But three years on, she is beaming after learning she has gained First Class Honours in her degree in Forensic Science and Applied Biology.

The 21-year-old former pupil of Tenbury High School and Worcester Sixth Form College said: “Acknowledging my lack of effort during college, it was not a surprise to find myself in Clearing. Nonetheless, I did feel slightly embarrassed, disappointed and worried, as all my friends had been accepted onto their chosen university course and I found myself in limbo; debating whether to do another year at college or go through Clearing.”

For Abigail, the decision to enter Clearing was one of the best she has made. “I chose Worcester, not only because it’s my hometown, but after research, I realised that the University of Worcester provided a unique combination of Biology with Forensic Science, enabling a broader choice of careers,” she said. “The Clearing process was very quick; I found the course within 10 minutes of searching, rang the University directly and got a place within 30 minutes.”

She added: “The University provided the ideal atmosphere to enable me to flourish in my specialist subject and to reveal my true potential, as proven by my First classification. I feel completely proud to say that I achieved this following UCAS Clearing and have the University of Worcester to thank for my educational success.”

Abigail will graduate during a ceremony at Worcester Cathedral in November. In September, she will begin a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) in Biology at the University of Worcester with the aim of becoming a Biology teacher.

“Clearing does not define you as less able than anybody else on the course, yet helps provide the opportunity to choose a course that may be different yet more suited than original university plans,” Abigail said. “Choosing the correct course is vital to enhancing your true potential and UCAS Clearing offers this opportunity.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the University of Worcester. I found the course actively challenging yet consistently interesting. Alongside this, the lecturers, laboratory staff and personal tutors were extremely helpful and I never felt hesitant to contact them with any query. As a result, I would highly recommend the University of Worcester to anyone who wants to seriously achieve a degree, specifically in science.”