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Aaron Cooper

Aaron Cooper’ Computer Games degree takes him to dream web and mobile apps job in Singapore.

"After graduating from my Computer Science Bachelor’s course in Computer Games & Multimedia Development at the University of Worcester it wasn’t long before I was working as a freelance designer & web developer for clients in and around Worcester. On reflection I realise the coordination required to manage those projects was thanks largely to the project management modules I took during my time at university.

"Later I joined web design & development company Cybacat in Redditch. One of my most prominent selling points was my solid grasp of object-oriented programming paradigms that I’d picked up from the Java and C# modules in my game development course. I was able to pick up PHP and Javascript in what felt like no time at all thanks to my exposure to many different programming and scripting languages throughout my course, and the object-oriented fundamentals I’d learnt that allowed me to write production-ready code.

"I continued growing as a full-stack web developer & designer until deciding to take my career to Singapore. After much searching I found my perfect employer: 2359 Media in Singapore – a design and development company that creates web & mobile apps and collaborates with medium to large companies throughout Southeast Asia such as Singtel, Changi Airport and Microsoft. My roles now include front-end web app development, backend and dev-ops engineering. This might sound like a lot to take on, but the fact is I was prepared well in advance for such a multi-faceted role throughout my Bachelors course thanks to the multitude of programming languages covered during my course. Not only this, but my modules covering databases, data modelling and project management taught me techniques that I use virtually every day."