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Worcestershire Regulatory Services

Contact: Lisa Loudon, 01905 542445

A short-term project assisting Worcestershire Regulatory services to promote our new Healthier Choices food award across Worcestershire. See notes below.

We would like a student studying PR, Marketing or Advertising to plan and run a PR campaign for the project, working on both internal and external engagement (and supporting all the marketing channels by liaising with other students involved in the project, (see the other Win-Win post related to developing a social media campaign / video).        

Knowledge and skills Basic knowledge of social media and producing a video Students could be on a Business School course but this is not essential Basic computer skills (to allow us to stay in contact)

Timescales Up to two hours a week, starting as soon as possible.        

Notes: Our Healthier Choices Food Award is being launched across Worcestershire with a specific focus on the Worcester area to begin with. Food businesses will be able to apply the award if they meet certain criteria relating to: Healthier food and drink choices, use of local, seasonal food, customer commitment, food waste reduction and flexible menus to cater for specific dietary needs (e.g. children, customers with smaller appetites etc.). It will help to offer members of the public an informed choice about where they go to eat. Any students who are interested in getting involved will be given further information about the scheme. Worcestershire Regulatory Services covers Environmental Health, Trading standards and Licensing. The head office is in Kidderminster.