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Company: ASPIE

Location: 26 SansomeWalk, Worcester, WR1 1LX

Name: Julia Micklewright

Telephone: 01562 754727

Description: ASPIE is a self-help and motivation group supporting adults with Asperger's Syndrome. Because adults with Asperger s are different (sometimes unable to communicate easily, seeming awkward, difficult and clumsy) they can encounter numerous problems and have usually been bullied throughout childhood, teens and beyond.  Some are able to 'pretend to be normal' and manage to fit in and find employment but often at a highly stressful cost.  Others do not receive any help or support and become withdrawn and isolated, unable to cope with everyday living, let alone employment, spiralling downwards into depression and despair even though they are highly intelligent and long for acceptance, inclusion and employment. From our experience the most important need for adults with Asperger's is acceptance and friendship closely followed by employment and a desire to make a contribution to the community. It is proposed to start an ASPIE micro-business project based on internet activities. A co-operative ASPIE CIC (based on MiEnterprise, Leominster) would trade in internet-based services such as web design, game design,accountancy through to eBay type sales. Members would be self-employed using permitted work and the CIC would administer each micro-business for a nominal charge.

Deadline: Within say a month or so

Duration: approx 12 months

Duties: To promote and market ASPIE the charity, regular newspapers articles, facebook, twitter etc To promote awareness and understanding of Asperger's, part of the autistic spectrum a high anxiety life condition for which there is no cure. To work with members of the micro enterprise in marketing their skills and services

Person Specification: Preferably someone who already has some understanding of the complexities of Asperger's  and is able to accept and appreciate the unique and special qualities of those with the condition and to promote them and their expertise in the best possible way.