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Rotary Solihull Club

Company: Rotary Solihull Club

Location: Solihull (although the work can be remote and meetings held at a different location)

Name: Phil Priest

Telephone: 447773027880

Description: Have you ever seen the film 'cannonball run' where people raced very expensive cars across America? Well we are doing the same, except its across Europe and in a car worth less than £300 in something called the Banger Challenge. By partnering this as a Rotary International Project we aim to make this a huge media and social spectacle. We plan to have this pitched for sponsorship to companies such as Skittles. Our marketing approach will be to 'chase the rainbow' as we enter in 5 cars, each car wrapped to look like a skittle. Rotary is an international organisation with millions of members who raise money and help local and international causes. Our aim with this project is to raise in excess of £20,000 for several causes. The aim for the marketing it to increase brand awareness for the sponsors, Rotary, and also the people taking part. This is truly a different project where you can have some freedom to take this to the stars and back. We will also need drivers and support crew to assist with the preparation of the vehicles and also to attend on the journey. Additional lines of engagement will include but not limited to media, both social and online, mechanical, PR, TV and journalists.

Duration: 12 months

Duties: To undertake writing and preparing the main marketing proposals to be delivered to our potential sponsors. Working with a online media team to create full exposure. Work on designs, agree sponsor information and take over ownership of this project

Person Specification: Someone(s) involved with marketing, branding, social and tv media, advertising and PR.