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What do students say about the Worcester Award?

The Worcester Award is a completely unique experience that provides students with an opportunity to showcase their true capabilities and achievements.

After having completed the award at Gold level, I have truly understood the impact additional opportunities have when transitioning to the workplace, and I really do have the Worcester Award to thank for ultimately making me more desirable to employers.

Sophie George
Sophie George with her certificate

We are very fortunate to attend a University that offers an employability award that we can get recognition for on our degree transcripts, and it is a bonus that we will not only leave with a degree but with an award under our belts.

We have shown our dedication to going the ‘extra’ mile, and can only thank those who manage the Worcester Award each year for that.

Taylor Cornes
Taylor Cornes with her certificate

"The Worcester Award has definitely allowed me to gain a wide range of experiences and has given me a chance to expand my CV. I feel more confident in going and getting a job and I have been made a lot more employable as result of the last three years."

Chris Desmond

 Christoper Desmond with his certificate