Partnership Review

Partnership Review

Following the Partnership Approval process, all partnerships are normally reviewed on a six year basis, against the terms of the Partnership Agreement in which the reciprocal expectations of both partners are expressed. 

Core Principles of Partnership Review

The University is committed to making partnership review a consultative, self-critical and genuinely collaborative process of engagement with partners. Conducted in this manner, the process is intended to serve as a means of enhancing transparency, communication and a shared understanding with collaborative partners. The process has been designed to inform, and in turn be informed by, existing processes of review and engagement at the University and in the wider sector.  Please see the Partner Periodic Review (PPR): Principles and Process document for full details.

Aims and objectives

The main aim of partnership review is to provide assurance that the partnership is operating in accordance with the terms of the Partnership Agreement and that the responsibilities of all parties are being met.

The objectives are to:

  • Assure the University that the partner organisation continues to provide effective management of University approved programmes , effective processes for quality enhancement and appropriate staffing and learning resources
  • Evaluate and confirm the continued viability of the partnership
  • Review and update due diligence
  • Provide assurance of the continued alignment of the aims and direction of the partnership over time.
  • Provide assurance that information relating to the partnership is current and accurate
  • Review ways of working and identify potential improvements to the management of the partnership
  • Review other partnership activities (example: Associate College, widening participation).

Collaborative courses normally continue to be reviewed under the University's Periodic Review process conducted at subject level although in some cases, as described below, partnership and periodic review may be combined. Collaborative courses are always included in annual evaluation for the academic Institute with which they are affiliated. These processes will provide evidence for the review as appropriate. Partners with significant provision have an annual Strategic Partnership and Quality Review (SPQR) meeting with the University. Outcomes from these meetings will provide evidence for the partnership review.

QAA reports will form a further source of evidence for the review, where available. 


On establishing that the partnership is operating effectively and that the partner and University are meeting their respective responsibilities the key outcome of the review is to re-affirm the collaborative arrangement normally for a further period of six years, subject to engagement with the terms of any action plan, as appropriate. 

A formal report of the review and the action plan is received by EPPSC and reported to Academic Board through ASQEC. 


The Partnership Review process is evaluated through the use of questionnaires supplied to the Panel and Team following the event. These cover the management of the process, the level of transparency and clarity of outcomes and the extent to which the process has encouraged reflective evaluation by participants, and a clear plan for the future has been determined. The outcomes are considered by the Deputy Head of Academic Quality (Collaborative) alongside other informal feedback.  As appropriate, a paper summarising the effectiveness and success of the process is produced for EPPSC.

Guidance on Writing your Partnership Evaluation Document - (awaiting update) 

Joint Partnership and Periodic Review 
In order to ensure a good fit between processes, and to eliminate unnecessary burden, where partner institutions offer limited provision (typically one or two awards) efforts will be made to combine partnership and periodic review. Partners and Institutes will be advised of cases where a combined process is proposed.

Full guidance on the process and documentation can be found in the document below:

Combined Partnership and Periodic Review process (currently being updated - August 2018)

For additional guidance please see the documents below:

Combined Partnership and Periodic Review Process flowchart

External Panel Members' Nomination Form

Guidance and Template for Evaluation and Development Document - (awaiting update) 

Combined Partnership and Periodic Review Report Template - (awaiting update) 

For additional guidance specific to the Periodic Review Process please click on the link below:

Periodic Review Process

If you have any queries on the process please contact AQU.