Periodic Review

Periodic Review

Principles and Purpose

From September 2017, the UW Periodic Review Process will consider the review of courses at Department level.  Exact groupings for each review are based on information provided by the Institutes and as recorded on the AQU Course Database.  Newly approved courses will be allocated to an appropriate Departmental review group during the course approval process.

When courses are due for review, the Head of Department and IQC Chair will be contacted by their AQU Officer and a preliminary meeting will be set up to discuss dates, arrangements and requirements.     

Full guidance on the process and documentation can be found in the documents below.

Periodic Review Process

Please note the documents below are currently being updated and will be available again shortly.

Overview of/Training Presentation on the Department Periodic Review process

List of Documentation Required for the Review
Periodic Review Timescales
University Expectations
Evaluation and Development Document (EDD)
Formative self-evaluation document

A brief guide for External Panel Members
External Panel Member Feedback Template
A brief guide for the Student Panellist
A brief guide for Employers and Stakeholders
A brief guide for students

The role of the Chair
Draft Agenda
Periodic Review Report Template

If you have any queries on the process please contact your AQU Officer.



External Panel Members' Nomination Form (for completion by the Head of Department or lead member of staff involved with the Joint Partnership and Periodic Review) 

Joint Partnership and Periodic Review

In order to ensure a good fit between processes, and to eliminate unnecessary burden, where partner institutions offer limited provision (typically one or two awards) efforts will be made to combine partnership and periodic review. Partners and Institutes will be advised of cases where a combined process is proposed.

For full guidance on the process and related documentation please refer to the Partnership Review page.

After the review:

Expenses Claim Form Panel Members

Expenses Claim Form Students/Employers

Feedback on AQU processes
Thank you for your involvement in our Periodic Review process.
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