Assessment Practice

Assessment Practice

This page outlines the University's arrangements for the assessment, marking and moderation of student work and information for external examiners. 

UW Assessment Policy

The University of Worcester believes that assessment is an integral part of effective learning processes, and has established a number of principles for the design and management of assessment practice.  These are described in Section 3 of the University's Assessment Policy (.pdf).  Information on the following is also contained within the policy:

  • Assessment Scheduling and Loading
  • Word Counts
  • Academic Referencing
  • Language of Assessment
  • Formative, Formal and Informal Assessment
  • Feedback to Students and Return of Student Assessments
  • Assessment Briefs and Assessment Criteria
  • Anonymous Marking
  • Approval of Assessment Items and Assessment Criteria
  • Moderation of Marking*:
    • University minimum requirements for internal moderation of marking
    • University minimum requirements for external moderation of marking
    • Examination Board scrutiny of module grade profiles
  • Review of Student Performance
  • Publication of Results
  • Ownership and Archiving of Students' Assessed Work
  • Failure and Reassessment
  • Late Submission of Assignments
  • Mitigating Circumstances
  • Allegations of Cheating
  • Appeals Against the Decisions of Boards of Examiners
  • Guidance on designing module and course assessment strategies
  • Guidance on implementation of the assessment principles at level 4

* Each UW Institute has developed a formal statement of procedures for the internal and external moderation of marking which takes account of the University stated minimum requirements (see paragraph 14.3 of Assessment Policy). 

The University provides guidance to help staff plan assessment and examination board activity for each academic year.  In addition, training is provided annually on exam board processes and guidance is available for the conduct of exam boards.  This guidance, and a copy of the most recent exam board training, is available via the links on the left bar of this page.