Personal Academic Tutor meetings for third year undergraduates

Personal Academic Tutor meetings for third year undergraduates

The third year: first and second meetings
The following section gives some brief ideas for what might be covered in Personal Academic Tutor meetings in the final year of a typical three year degree programme. This is a crucial year because it marks the culmination of undergraduate study. Results really matter in the final year and there will be much independent research or project work to do.  However it is also a transition year, with plans being made for progression after graduation. For some, this will be a top-up year and special attention will be needed to help such students make the effective transition into degree-level study. Personal academic tutorials will need both to support the effective deployment of all that has been learned so far and to prepare students for moving on from University. 

First and second meetings

Welcome and welcome back

Transitions: How did you do last year and are you prepared for the final year? Has what you have learnt so far prepared you forthird year study?  Are you comfortable in your abilities to conduct independent literature searches, project work and research?  What approaches might work and do you know where to get help if you need it?

Support career planning: What do you intend to do after completing your studies and what can you do now to prepare for this? For example, discuss support available in the course or from the careers service in terms of interview technique, CV writing, making applications, etc. Talk about drafting a University reference and the importance of keeping the personal academic tutor informed of extra-curricular successes which might be included.

Understanding the subject: What are the general ideas that need to be grasped at this level of study in the subject? Check on progress of independent study or project work, what are you learning from third year study? How are you capturing or recording this learning?

Third and fourth meetings

Topics for discussion might include:

Subject Understanding: Progress with independent study or project work. The learning from this and other specialist final year work. 

Articulating achievement: Can you explain what you have learnt and gained from your time at University, in order to share the benefits of your University experience with others? Could you ‘sell yourselves’ to an employer or admissions tutor for further study?

University reference: Check the student has let you have as much information as possible for references, particularly extra-curricular activity.

Also, advise the student to complete the Destination of Leavers survey after graduation.