Richard Williams

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tel: 01886 880088 Mob 07711 882588

Hi, I'm Richard

I am passionate about building franchise companies and bringing networks together that make peoples lives better.

Helping entrepreneurs find their dream business, helping franchisers build their dream businesses is something I have done for many years and I love what I do and hope I can help you!

Firstly starting in my late twenties and early thirties, I built a business with 17,500 micro business owners in several countries and this was around natural health and personal care products in the multi level marketing side of direct sales.

Within the franchise sector my personal focus is based around real estate, food and beverage.

As a new venture I travel between Europe & Asia, my areas of specialism are fast growth franchise companies seeking a gateway to Europe, Asia and the Middle Eastern region.

The things I learned along the pathway of self employment are that no never means no, it only means not now -- another key word is sticktoitiveness-- doggedly sticking to your plan can pay dividends and being resilient is a key to success.

Also do things you love, it is much easier riding through rough patches if you truly have a passion for whatever business you start.

Please don't contact me if you are not prepared to roll up your sleeves and prospect clients time and time again. Frankly following up is what makes you a fortune but don't tell the rest as it is one of business's best kept secrets!

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