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Mélanie is a PhD Research Student with an interest in community ecology. Her research uses taxonomic and functional approaches to explore drought refuges and the processes structuring aquatic macroinvertebrate metacommunities in intermittent rivers.


Her research aims to:

  • Identify and characterize the macroinvertebrate diversity and community composition of perennial and intermittent river sites, instream ponds, floodplain ponds and backwater channels;
  • Determine whether instream ponds, floodplain ponds, perennial reaches, backwater channels and the hyporheic zone provide a refuge during streambed / ephemeral ponds drying;
  • Examine the local and regional environmental drivers of freshwater macroinvertebrate communities over multiple freshwater habitats;
  • Identify the importance of instream ponds, floodplain ponds, backwater channels, and the hyporheic zone as flow refugia to landscape-scale conservations and management recommendations in an intermittent river network.


MSc Research degree in Ecology, Evolution and Genomics. University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France (2018).

BSc (Hons): Biology (General Biology and Environment course). University of Toulon, France (2015).


Dr Tory Milner (Director of Studies; University of Worcester), Prof Ian Maddock (UW), Dr Matthew Hill (University of Huddersfield), and M. Richard Chadd (Environment Agency).

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