Mark Evans


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Research Students

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tel: 01905 855080


  • HND in IT Management (University of Worcester, 2002)
  • BA Hons 1st Class, Archaeology and Heritage Studies (University of Worcester, 2011)

Research Project

My research is focused on mortuary rituals and burial practices during the period c. 2500 BC 1500 BC in the Mendip Hills, Somerset. The principle focus of the study is concerned with the artefacts that have been recovered from Early Bronze Age burial mounds and what they can tell us about social practices, beliefs, identity and funerary preferences in the area. The main aim of the project is to examine artefact assemblages and associations in an attempt to refine the chronology of mortuary practices on the Mendip Hills during the Early Bronze Age. Both antiquarian records and more recent archival material will be reassessed within a modern interpretive framework which includes current and updated chronological schemes and recent theoretical ideas.

As part of the project I am examining and extracting information from approximately 100 unpublished antiquarian manuscripts, dating from between 1815 and 1832, which are stored in the British Library. The information collated from the manuscripts will provide new details on the artefacts recovered from the Mendip barrows.

Research Interests

The transition between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age
Early Bronze Age burial practices and mortuary rituals
The selection and use of artefacts in a funerary context during the Early Bronze Age
Identity, memory and personhood in the Early Bronze Age