Leon Bracelin


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email: bral3_10@uni.worc.ac.uk


BSc (Hons) Archaeology and Landscape Studies (University of Worcester, 2015)

Research Project

I am currently studying for an MPhil, after completing a BSc in Archaeology and Landscape Studies at the University of Worcester.

I am researching medieval pottery, in particular that produced between the 11th and 14th centuries, in Ludlow, a market town in south Shropshire. Ludlow is well known as a planned medieval town and is dominated by an impressive castle, one of the first stone castles to be built in England after the Norman Conquest. Whilst a great deal of documentary analysis has been carried out, archaeological investigations in the town have been limited and piecemeal and as a result, our understanding of medieval material culture is poor. To gather the data necessary for this research, test pits will be excavated, a well-recognised approach adopted in numerous other projects throughout Britain. It was noted in 1996 that “the historic core of Ludlow contains buried archaeological deposits, and these are judged to have high potential” (Dalwood et al, 1996, 21) and that “the extent and character of artefactual evidence from the medieval town is also largely unknown” (ibid. 20). My study will target these deposits in the historic core of the town to produce new material that will address this deficit. Ultimately, I hope to create a medieval pottery type series for Ludlow and link this to the known history of the town.

I am a mature student and also have a street theatre company based in Ludlow.


Dr Jodie Lewis, University of Worcester (Director of Studies)

Research Interests

Medieval and Post-Medieval material culture

Ceramic analysis

Communicating archaeology and heritage