Lemun Yatu Nuhu

Doctoral Researcher in Entrepreneurship

Department of Marketing and Enterprise

Contact Details

email: l.nuhu@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 85 5214

Lemun is a doctoral researcher with Worcester Business School. His research focuses on Entrepreneurship education and Enterprise development in emerging markets, with a special focus on Africa. He has worked within the banking and financial service industry, providing business consultancy solutions to small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria and across Africa.

He is currently the Human Resource and Program Development Manager for a not- for-profit organization in the Uk. Lemun is equally involved with different career development, mentoring and youth entrepreneurship initiative programs in the midlands.

Teaching & Research

Teaching areas:
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Human Resource Management and Strategy
Business and Management across cultures
Leading and managing change in organisations

Research areas:
Entrepreneurship Education
Entrepreneurship Mind-set development
Entrepreneurial attitude and attributes of entrepreneurs
Career management and employability agenda

Professional Bodies

Member of the British Academy of Management.


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Yatu, L., 2016. Developing and entrepreneurial mind-set among graduates for business venturing and economic development: a case for effective education in Nigeria. Manchester, 17th international conference on human resource development research and practice across Europe (187) pg 127.

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MBA. Specialising in Entrepreneurship and Business development and leading and managing change in organisations (Birmingham City Business School)

MSc. Management and Human Resource Management

PG/Diploma. Business Management

BSC (Hons) Political Science