Dr Kerry Gaskin


Principal Lecturer/Head of Department


Contact Details

email: k.gaskin@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 855156

Dr Kerry Gaskin was a nurse for 15 years before moving into academia in 2005. Her current role as a Principal Lecturer focuses on Advancing Clinical Practice promoting the development of integrated multi-professional practitioners for health and well-being across the life course, in the Academic Unit of Allied Health and Social Sciences.

Kerry is the Chairperson of the Congenital Cardiac Nurses Association UK, having worked clinically in children's cardiac intensive and high dependency care services at several specialist children's cardiac centres in the UK; she has maintained a keen interest in the speciality. Kerry represented the RCN on the Health Impact Assessment Steering Group (2011-2012) commissioned by the National Specialist Commissioning Group during the Safe and Sustainable review of Children's Cardiac Services. She also led the development of RCN core competencies for children's cardiac nurses (RCN, 2014) which influenced the draft standards and congenital heart service specifications (NHS England, 2016).

Kerry is a mixed-methods researcher with a particular interest in the experiences of parents of infants with complex congenital heart disease. Her continuing research focuses on parental home assessment using a Congenital Heart Assessment Tool (CHAT), to enable parents to identify signs of deterioration in their infant and to make prompt contact with the appropriate health care professional. Kerry was shortlisted as Finalist for the Nurse Scientist of the Year Award at Cardiology 2016 (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) and came runner up.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy, Coventry University 2017

PG Cert Higher Education Professional Practice, Coventry University 2008

MSc Advanced Practice Nursing, University of Central England 2006

BA (Hons) Paediatric Nursing, Oxford Brookes University 1996

Professional Qualifications

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2008

Registered Nurse Tutor, Coventry University, 2008

ENB160 Paediatric Cardiothoracic Medical & Surgical Nursing, London South Bank University 1998

Registered Nurse (Child), Oxford Brookes University 1996

Registered General Nurse, South Birmingham College of Nursing 1992

Teaching & Research

Clinical/Teaching interests:

Advanced health assessment of children and young people

Advancing clinical practice for children and young people's

Children & young people's complex and palliative care

Cardiovascular practice/Congenital cardiothoracic care/Intensive Care/High Dependency Advanced Paediatric Life Support

Developmental Anatomy & Physiology

Children's Nursing

Curriculum development and design, inter-professional E-Learning and clinical simulation, online problem based learning, incorporating innovative pedagogies into the curriculum, evidence based practice.


Research interests:

Parental early assessment and monitoring of fragile infants with complex congenital heart disease (CHD) at home

Parents experiences and psychosocial functioning whilst caring for their fragile infants with complex CHD

Palliative and end of life care for children and young people with complex CHD

Advanced Practice (Paediatric and Neonatal services)


PhD Project Ideas:

Supporting the psychological needs of parents of newborn infants diagnosed with complex congenital heart disease, using a storytelling based intervention.

Pain Levels and Pre-Operative Anxiety within Cardiac Care

Professional Bodies

Congenital Cardiac Nurses Association UK Chairperson

British Congenital Cardiac Association Member

Society of Paediatric Cardiovascular Nurses USA Member

Royal College of Nursing Member

Nursing Midwifery Council Member

Higher Education Academy Fellow


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External Responsibilities

Urgent, Acute and Emergency Care CEPIP for NHSE/HEE (From 2017)

Community Education Provider Network (CEPN) Herefordshire (From 2017)

West Midlands Regional HEI Advanced Clinical Practice Group (From 2016)

Regional Advanced Practice Group HEE(WM) (From 2016)

Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Research Development Working Group, Birmingham Children's Hospital (From 2015)

Stakeholder, Congenital Cardiac Services Clinical Reference Group, NHS England

RCN Research in Child Health Group (From 2013)

Specialist Advisor, Care Quality Commission (From 2014)

Nurse representative for RCN, Congenital Cardiac Services Health Impact Assessment Steering Group, National Specialist Commissioning Group (2011)

Reviewer, Nursing Children and Young People (From 2013)

Reviewer, Journal of Child Health Care (from 2011)

Editorial board member, Journal of Paramedic Practice (From 2009)

Reviewer, Journal of Paramedic Practice (From 2009)

Co-opted Council Member, Nurse Representative, British Congenital Cardiac Association (2008-2010)