Dr Anthony Barnett


Senior Lecturer in Primary Education

Primary Education

Contact Details

email: a.barnett@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 855062

Anthony's experience includes working as an educational research assistant on a project related to primary science and special educational needs during 1980 which led to a publication in the journal Special Education Forward Trends.

In the years that followed he worked as an information officer for the Nottingham Council for Voluntary Service and undertook a range of voluntary work with the recovering mentally ill, mentally handicapped, homeless and adult literacy project. He also spent approximately 13 years in extended studies at Nottingham University where he was a member of the Classics and Archaeology Society. He was also the treasurer of the University of Nottingham's Third World First Society. During this period Anthony was an actively competitive and moderately successful ultra-distance road runner and member of the 100km Association.

As a teacher his experience has included longer term supply teaching in a secondary school and ten years teaching in a range of primary schools mainly in inner city London but also in Kent. While teaching in South East London he was the science coordinator during which time he wrote the schools scheme of work for science and promoted links between science and technology. As an ICT coordinator Anthony promoted the role of the Internet within class teaching and helped with staff development. He has a keen interest in playing the classical guitar and achieved a certificate in music education from Trinity College of Music. He has taught children how to play the guitar and organised a successful primary school music club.


  • PhD
  • MA (Primary Education)
  • PG Cert Research Methods
  • SEDA
  • Certificate in Music Education (Trinity College of Music)
  • Bed II(ii) Social & Environmental Studies
  • Teachers certificate (Primary education/QTS)

Teaching & Research

Research Interests:

My PhD thesis was in the area of innovative research methodology and involved developing a creative analytic paradigm. The thesis suggests the creative potential of moving beyond the quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods understanding of social research into ways of thinking about post qualitative research.

I'm currently working on a book ('Generative social research in education') which is a theoretical exploration of the concept of research. The intention is to draw together a range of approaches that can be identified as generative social research and to exemplify this using examples from practice.

Other research interests include:

  • Systematic literature review: Technology enhanced learning in the early years
  • Categorising asynchronous discussion threads
  • Employability (developing a values, dispositions and capabilities model)

Primary Design & Technology
ICT in educational studies
Creative approaches to teaching foundation subjects
Subject specialism research (undergraduate and PGCE) - early years

Other interests:

Design, update and maintenance of the Primary School Partnerships database
Academic integrity tutor
Primary Centre representative for IQC
External examiner at Northampton University

Professional Bodies

Membership of Professional Bodies: Design & Technology Association (DATA)

British Educational Research Association (BERA)


Recent Publications:

Savage, M & Barnett, A (2017) Technology Enhanced Learning in the Foundation Stage, Northwich, Critical Publishing

Barnett, A.,Archer, K.,Christie-Thompson,T.,Gee, M & Burton, M (2017) Developing the Potential of Observation - Generating Ideas Using Video Data From a Nursery School: a Students as Academic Partners Project. Worcester Journal of Learning and Teaching, February 2017.

Barnett, A (2016) A reflective encounter with the fine sand area in a Nursery school setting, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Vol 30 No 2 (April 2016)

Preston, C., Savage, M., Paton, M. & Barnett A (2017) Towards tomorrow’s successful digital citizens: providing the critical and dialogical opportunities to change lifestyles and mindsets in Debates in ICT and Computing by Younie, S. (Editor) (part of the Learning to Teach in the Secondary School: Debates series) Routledge Taylor Francis. Available from: http://mirandanet.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Preston-Savage-et-al-FINAL_DigitalCitizens-Master-19nov15-CP-response-to-PB-commentary.pdf         

Savage, M & Barnett, A (2015) Digital Literacy for Primary Teachers, Northwich, Critical Publishing

Barnett, A (2015) Looking back to the 1980s, Roadrunner Journal of the Road Runners Club, Winter 2014-5, (205) pp.35-36

Barnett, A (2014) The Creative Analytic Paradigm and Generative Social Research within the Context of the Early-Years/Kindergarten Physical Learning Environment. American Journal of Educational Research, Vol 2, Issue 5, pp.283-290 Available from http://www.sciepub.com/education/content/2/5 DOI: 10.12691/education-2-5-8

Barnett, A (2014) Generative divergent analysis as a model for reflection illustrated with reference to an early-years reception class and wicker settee. Reflective Practice. 15 (4) 518-529 DOI: 10.1080/14623943.2014.900017

Barnett, A (2014) A role for evocative objects within educational research: Reflective practice. In Barrie, R. Morris, B., Perry, T & Hand, M ((Eds.) Papers from the Educational Doctoral Research Conference Saturday 16 November 2013, Birmingham, University of Birmingham, pp. 3-13

Barnett, A (2012) Generative research and the creative analytic paradigm In Prachalias, C (ed.) PROCEEDINGS of the 8th International Conference on Education Samos, Greece, Research and Training Institute of the East Aegean, pp. 779-786

Barnett, A (2011) Blended learning: Evaluation of the WebCT Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment in relation to asynchronous discussion and student assignments. Worcester Journal of Learning and Teaching, (6) 2-12 (Also online: http://www.worc.ac.uk/adpu/1124.htm )

Barnett, A (2011) Supporting Information and Communications Technology (ICT): Control Technology in the Primary School. In Bold, C (ed.) (2nd ed), Supporting Learning and Teaching, London, Routledge

Conference presentations:

21/6/2017 ITTE 31st Annual Conference, University of Hull. Title: 'Technology Enhanced Learning in the early years: a systematic review of published research 2006-2017'

3/7/2015 Digital Pedagogies Conference 2015, University Centre Doncaster, High Melton. Title: ‘Digital literacy, employability and graduate attributes for primary trainee teachers’ (Savage, M & Barnett, A)

4/7/2015 The 29th ITTE Annual Conference, Regent High School, London, NW1 1RX. Title: ‘Employability and digital literacy’ (Savage, M & Barnett, A)

18/6/2015 Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Conference, University of Worcester. Title: ’Categorising asynchronous discussion threads’: improving the quality of student learning’

16/11/2013 12th Education Research Conference, School of Education, Birmingham. Title: ‘A role for evocative objects within educational research: reflective practice’

 3-5/9/2013 British Educational Research Association Annual Conference (BERA) ,University of Sussex. Title: ‘The Creative Analytic Paradigm: raising the insignificant details of experience to significance’

10/5/2013 Qualitative and Ethnographic Research (QER): Sharing and shaping pedagogies - learning through doing. Department of Drama, University of Exeter, UK. Title: ‘Raising the insignificant details of experience to significance’

5-7/7/2012 ICE conference Samos, Greece. Title: ‘Generative research and the creative analytic paradigm’

21/6/2012 University of Worcester conference organized by David Arnold & Jane George (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Dept.) “A Place, A Space”. Title: ‘Supermodernity and the early-years learning environment’

15/6/2012 University of Worcester Postgraduate Student Conference. Title: ‘Generative divergent analysis – a creative approach to analysis within educational research’

9-10/5/2012 University of Gloucester Postgraduate Conference. Title: ‘Supermodernity and the early-years learning environment’’

10-11/5/2010 Annual Postgraduate Research Student Conference 2010 Francis Close Hall Campus, University of Gloucester. Title: ‘Developing a creative analytic paradigm: is a research question necessary?’

2/7/09 5th International Postgraduate Student Conference held at University of Leicester. Title: ‘Deconstructing the creative analytic paradigm: reflections on generative divergent analysis and primary practice'


Posters presented at conferences:

2-3/7/2014 Higher Education Academy Annual Conference, Aston University, Birmingham. Title of poster: ‘Categorising asynchronous discussion threads: improving the quality of student learning’: https://eprints.worc.ac.uk/3293/


7/7/2016 Troubling Research - Liminal Spaces, Methodological Challenges, Innovative Approaches. Newman University, Birmingham. Title of workshop: 'Creative reflection as a form of research within education'

30/6/2014 Supporting Teachers as Researchers (BERA conference event), Alan Turing Building, University of Manchester. Title of workshop: ‘Using video and multimedia within educational research’


Qualitative research and the early years learning environment

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My interests include jogging, golf and playing classical/Spanish guitar. Hear me play here or find me on Facebook.