Alicia Soto Vila


Associate Lecturer

Centre for Academic English and Skills

Contact Details

tel: 01905 855241

I am a native Spanish speaker and the Director of Spanishbitesize. With more than twenty years of experience teaching in British Schools and Colleges, I am a fully Qualified Teacher and a linguist with international experience, bilingual Spanish-English and I have some knowledge of French and Italian. I am also a qualified lawyer, having worked extensively in the field of environmental law in the government of Madrid, Spain and UNEP, Law of the Sea Conference in Kingston, Jamaica. Since residing in the UK, I have worked within the education sector, whilst also providing teaching and translation services with emphasis in the Medical, Business and Arts sectors.

Teaching interests

All aspects of Spanish and Hispanic language and culture, including literature,  music, festivals, cinema, dance and plastic arts, from beginner to advanced.

Research interests

Spanish and Latin American festivals, music and dance.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Member of Spain’s Bar Association since 1988 

Member of Don Quijote since 2005

Member of Fitpro since 2007

Member of The Times Higher Education since 2008

Member of TES for teachers and education professionals since 2008

Member of since 2009

Member of IFL since 2009

Member of ATL/ NUT since 2011