Centre for Rural Research



The Centre for Rural Research (CRR) is based in the Institute of Science and the Environment at the University of Worcester. It was launched in 1996 as a consultancy specialising in the analysis of rural change. The CRR has experienced staff whose knowledge extends over all aspects of countryside change. This includes agriculture, economic development, policy and planning, sustainability, the environment, social issues and cultural identities.

The CRR has five main goals:

  • to supply high quality rural research to a diverse range of clients
  • to focus on regional research from a national and international perspective
  • to disseminate knowledge widely
  • to advance the discipline of geography and rural studies
  • to assist the University of Worcester in delivering its mission


The robust academic background of the CRR guarantees professional, well-researched documents, from national and regional studies to surveys of a smaller scale. We have extensive practical and academic experience of rural research and are currently engaged in a range of projects on economic, social, cultural, agricultural and environmental change in the countryside.

Our base in the modern university sector helps us to provide independent research that is relevant and accessible to all, including policy-makers, practitioners and the people living and working in the countryside. Our applied research has therefore included work for a large spectrum of local, regional and national organisations.

Our key objective is non-commercially motivated, concerned with the advancement of knowledge rather than the generation of income or the representation of particular viewpoints. Consequently, CRR’s university-based position allows our staff to make objective and informed assessments on rural issues. Team members are personally interested in the projects that they undertake and, when appropriate, results from research have been disseminated to wider audiences through presentations, written articles and media appearances.

Clients of the CRR have benefited not only from its clear rural focus but also from the vast experience of our staff with research methodology. Descriptions of the specific research interests of the CRR team can be found on the Staff page.

Contact Us

Staff may be contacted individually or enquiries may be made to the CRR Office:

Centre for Rural Research
Institute of Science and the Environment
University of Worcester
Henwick Road

CRR Office
Tel: 01905 855185
Fax: 01905 855132 (For the attention of CRR)
e-mail: crr@worc.ac.uk

Professor Nick Evans
Tel: 01905 855187
e-mail: n.evans@worc.ac.uk