How does an Apprenticeship work for schools?

A Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to employ and develop staff through your apprenticeship levy payments (as a levy paying employer), or with 90% government funding support for smaller organisations.

The apprentice is:

  • employed by you on unqualified teacher’s pay scale
  • not required to be supernumerary
  • allowed by the school to spend 20% of their contracted hours on off the job training

How does government funding work?

The following arrangements apply for all UK employers:

  • Employers with a payroll of more than £3 million per year will pay an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5%.  This will provide an allowance to ‘spend’ against apprenticeships via a digital account.
  • Employers with a payroll less than £3 million will not pay a Levy, but will still have access to 95% funding via a ‘co-fund mechanism’, to support their own degree apprenticeships. Here, the employer contribution will be 5% towards the tuition fee.

See more details on government apprenticeship funding.

What are the benefits to schools?

As well as enabling you to ‘spend’ any Apprenticeship Levy funds that you may be entitled to, the Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship allows you to:

  • Invest in current staff you think will make great teachers
  • Plan for replacing staff you know will be leaving or retiring
  • Comprehensively initiate the apprentice into the ethos and protocols of the school
  • Fund an additional member of staff to support non-teaching activities.

Why Worcester?

At Worcester we have been training high quality teachers for over 70 years – so your apprentices will be in good hands.

We will plan a comprehensive training programme which will allow apprentices to not only earn Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), but also a PGCE qualification.

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