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STEM Careers Toolkit for Careers Leaders : Secondary schools and Colleges 

The STEM Careers Toolkit for Careers Leaders in secondary schools and colleges is filled with creative ideas and practical suggestions on how to build STEM specific content into your careers strategy.

Working through each Gatsby Careers Benchmark, it provides a range of resources, strategies and activity suggestions that will support Careers Leaders to develop a strategic approach to STEM careers education, contributing to the Gatsby Career Benchmarks.

The toolkit consists of:

1) Guidance on developing STEM within a careers strategy, supporting all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks

2) Print friendly guidance for each Benchmark

3) Training for teaching staff, designed to increase awareness of STEM career learning

Download the toolkit from the STEM learning website here

                                      STEM Careers Toolkit: Primary schools

This  STEM Careers Toolkit for primary teachers  has been designed, with teachers at every step of the way, to provide:

• an accessible guide to government policy on careers education and information, advice and guidance for young people across the four countries of the UK

• evidence about the influential and key roles that teachers can have on their students’ career choices across all phases of education

• good practice tips and examples of how to successfully relate subject knowledge and the curriculum to careers choice and the labour market, directly linked to the National STEM Learning Centre’s resource collection, a bank of over 10,000 resources

• links to the key in-depth sources of information, from the UK’s four inspectorates’ guidance for schools to the most robust sources of labour market and careers information

Download the toolkit from the STEM learning website here





 STEM careers Resources

To help you provide the best possible support to young people, STEM Learning has put together a selection of resources, programmes and guidance, including.

  • Teachers' Guide - Linking Careers to the STEM Curriculum
  • Subject Specific resources
  • Downloadable STEM careers posters and flyers
  • Video collection promoting STEM careers
  • Career profiles and interviews with STEM professionals

You can view and download all the careers resources from the STEM learning website here