Key Dates & News

Key Dates & News

Key dates at the University of Worcester can be accessed via the links below:


Semester Dates 2015/16

University Calendar 2015/16


Semester Dates 2016/17

University Calendar 2016/17



Semester Dates 2017/18

News regarding updates to University of Worcester policies or procedures will be added below:
Annual Operational Checklist for Collaborative Provision - updated July 2016
Combined Partnership and Periodic Review Process - updated January 2013
Course Handbook Guidance for 2016-17
Ethics Approval  - new April 2013
International Student Exchange Policy - new July 2013
Peer Learning Through Observation (PLTO) Scheme - Revised January 2013
Role of Student Academic Representatives (StARs) and Institute Representatives - Updated June 2013
Taught Courses Regulatory Framework - last updated September 2015
University of Worcester Tutition Fees 2013/14