Study Costs

Study Costs

Books, printing and photocopying

There are day to day costs and expenditure for students on basic books, stationery, printing and photocopying and the amounts vary between courses.

For instance photocopying and printing over three years could be as much as £60 for a Psychology student but much less for a Sports Studies student.

The cost of a black and white photocopied sheet at the University of Worcester is five pence (binding Final Year Independent Study is free at the University of Worcester). Most eligible students receive £10 of free printer credit at the beginning of each academic year during the usual length of their course e.g. 3 years for full-time BSc or BA students. Part-time students will receive no more than those on a full-time course.       


Examples of costs incurred in some courses

Click on links below to see costs incurred in the following courses.  Costs supplied by Course Leaders at the beginning of academic year 2015/16.


Institute of Education


Institute of Health and Society


Institute of Humanities and Creative Arts


Institute of Science and the Environment


Institute of Sport and Exercise Science


Worcester Business School


Field Trips

Field trips that are a required or assessed part of your course will not incur a charge but there can be a fee for optional trips.


Independent Study

If your course includes producing an Independent Study in its final year then additional costs are likely to be incurred. These costs will depend very much on your course and the project you have chosen to undertake and you are advised to talk to your tutor about potential expenses.