Director of Studies who Leaves the University

Director of Studies who Leaves the University

When an internal supervisor leaves the university they are expected to notify both their students and the Research School well in advance of leaving. It is also the responsibility of the DoS to complete the required paperwork (RDB6) to notify the Research Degrees Board of changes to supervision.

It is the responsibility of the Head of Institute/Research Co-ordinator to appoint, where possible, a new supervisor or DoS and to discuss these changes with the student and other members of the supervisory team (if applicable). Every effort will be made to find a suitable replacement, but if a suitable Director of Studies cannot be found, it may then be necessary to terminate the research degree. In these cases it is expected that the existing DoS and colleagues will identify other institutions to which the student could apply for a transfer of their registration.

In some cases, it may be possible to keep the member of staff in question on the supervisory team either as an external supervisor or in more exceptional cases, as the DoS (please select tab for 'Appointment of DoS from outside UoW).

Director of Studies on long term sick or maternity leave

When a DoS is signed off on long term sick for more than 8 consecutive working weeks, it is the responsibility of the relevant Head of Institute to inform the Research School and, in collaboration with the Research Co-ordinator, to appoint an acting DoS. When a DoS goes on maternity leave they are expected to notify their student and the Research School well in advance and again, the Research Degrees Co-ordinator must liase with the supervisor in order to appoint an acting DoS. If the student already has an internal supervisor with appropriate experience, it is expected that he/she will take on this role until the DoS returns to work. If the student does not have an appropriate internal supervisor, then a member of UW staff with the necessary supervisory experience will be brought on for the period of illness. The Head of Institute is encouraged to take account of the time allocation the acting DoS will require to carry out these additional duties effectively.

Once an acting DoS has been appointed, he/she will be expected to contact the student to make arrangements for supervision.

When a second supervisor leaves the university or goes on sick leave or maternity leave we would ask them to notify all their students of their absence or to ask the Research Degrees Co-ordinator to do this on their behalf.