Supporting Student Learning Conference 2012

Supporting Student Learning Conference 2012

11th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

19th June 2012

Cotswold Suite

The themes for this year’s conference are supporting and enhancing student learning through shared reflection and research.  

Our key note speakers this year will be:

George McDonald Ross , University of Leeds:
What is a Lecture For?

The lecture has been central to university education for nearly a thousand years. Its original function was to transfer a text from the manuscript pages of a book into the heads of students, for subsequent debate. Since the invention of printing, this function is no longer relevant to the post-Gutenberg university. I shall argue that the lecture still has a valuable role to play – though not that of reading a text out loud, or delivering the contents of a module. I shall defend the paradoxical thesis that, as a mode of instruction, the only thing worse than a bad lecture is a good one. The lecture should be de-centred, and largely replaced by teaching methods which encourage and support active learning by students.


Paul Ashwin, Lancaster University:
Researching Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Drawing on data from a recent ESRC-funded project, Paul will argue that students’ engagement with academic knowledge is key in thinking about what counts as high quality teaching and learning in higher education. Thinking about quality in this way raises serious questions about Key Information Sets (KIS) and Higher Education League Tables as valid measures of the quality of higher education provision.

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The abstracts for the conference, including the key notes, can be found here.