Dr Penney Upton - Head of Academic Unit

Senior Lecturer, Psychological Sciences

Institute of Health & Society

Contact Details

email: p.upton@worc.ac.uk

tel: 01905 54 2162

MA, MPhil, PhD Psychology

Teaching & Research

My teaching and research relates primarily to human development and wellbeing across the lifespan.  I am particularly interested in child and adult health, including health and quality of life, the well being of children in local authority care, and the educational and psychological impact of chronic illness in childhood.

My interest in health has led to me undertaking a number of health service evaluations, as well as work investigating the application of evidence based practice.   

I am also involved in research concerning methods of learning and teaching, including the use of e-learning and innovative assessment methods.

Research Interests

Evaluation of the Allied Health Professionals Support and Development Scheme (NHS Education for Scotland)

Assessment of the clinical application of a measurement system of health related quality of life to Children in Local Authority Accommodation

Pilot project looking at the impact of antenatal classes on postnatal support and wellbeing


Professional Interests

The application of evidence based healthcare; Health related quality of life for children with chronic illness; well being of children in local authority care; methods of learning and teaching including the use of e-learning and assessment methods; psychological development across the life span

Professional Experience

Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol)

Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


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External Responsibilities

External responsibilities

External Examiner at the University of Bolton
Committee member of the Division for Teachers & Researchers in Psychology (DTRP)
Member of the OCR Psychology Consultative Forum
Member of the Association of Heads of Psychology Departments