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Dr Brian Nyatanga

Senior Lecturer, Applied Professional Studies

Institute of Health & Society

Contact Details


tel: 01905 85 5381

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Specialist Teaching Areas

Palliative and End of Life Care
Research Methods - (undergraduate to postgraduate levels)
Advanced Communication Skills using actors
NHS leadership qualities framework

Specialist Research Areas

Death anxiety and burnout among palliative care nurses
Psycho-social aspects of death and dying
Cultural competence

Congress Presentation

Nyatanga, B. (2011) Relationship between caring, death anxiety and burnout among palliative care nurses. 12th EAPC Congress. Lisbon

Research Interests

Death anxiety and burnout among palliative care nurses (undertaking at present)

Professional Interests

Palliative End of Life Care, death anxiety, psychology of death and dying, research methods

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

Member of the Royal College of Nursing

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of the National Council for Palliative Care

Registrant with the Nursing and Midwifery Council

Member of the Research Knowledge and Transfer Committee at the University of Worcester

Member of the Education Management Committee – Worcestershire

Chair of the Annual Worcestershire Palliative Care Conference (2009 - 2013)

Editorial board member for the International Journal of Palliative Nursing since 1999

Editorial board member for the British Journal of Community Nursing

Write monthly column on palliative care in the British Journal of Community Nursing

Member of The Palliative Care Research Society

Professional Expertise

Accredited advanced communication skills facilitator using trained professional actors and actresses

Supervisor for Masters’ students dissertations

Trained Supervisor and examiner - PhD degree students

Accredited facilitator for the Leadership Qualities Framework (2005 - 2010)

Editor, Quay Books Palliative Care series

Developed the Palliative Care Book Series with Quay books publishing. Then for 8years (2001-2009), I commissioned and edited palliative care books in this series.

Publish books, book chapters, editorials, commentaries and articles in nursing press



Selected publications – last decade


Nicol, J., Nyatanga, B. (2014 in Print) Palliative and End of Life Care for Nursing students. Sage, London

Nyatanga B. (2008) Why is it so difficult to die? 2nd edition, Quay Books. London.

Searle, L. & Work Based learning in Cancer and Palliative care. Nyatanga, B. (2006) Quay Books. Wiltshire

Nyatanga, B. & Astley-Pepper, M. (2005) The Hidden Aspects in Palliative Care. Quay Books, London.

Nyatanga, B (2001) Why is it so difficult to die? Quay Books, Wiltshire.

Chapters in books

Nyatanga, B (in print) At a glance, homelessness and palliative care. Wiley-

Nyatanga, B. (2013) Burning a light or Burning out? In (ed) Gilbert, P. Spirituality and end of life care. Hove, Pavilion Publishers

Nyatanga, L., Nyatanga, B. (2011) On Death and Dying, in Birchenall, P., Adams, N. (Eds) The Nursing Companion. Chapter 11. Palgrave

Nyatanga, B. (2005) Adapting to Death and Bereavement. In Faull C. Carter Y. & Daniels, L. (eds) Handbook of Palliative Care. 2nd edition. Blackwell Science. Oxford

Faull, C. Nyatanga B. (2005) Terminal Care & Dying. In Faull C. Carter Y. & Daniels, L. (2005)(eds) Handbook of Palliative Care. 2nd edition. Blackwell Science Oxford.

Woof, R., Nyatanga, B. (1998) Adapting to Death, Dying and Bereavement. In (Eds) Faull, Carter and Woof. Handbook of Palliative Care. Blackwell Science, Oxford

Monthly Palliative Care Column

Nyatanga, B. (2014) Does humour have a place in palliative care? BJCN 19(4)
Nyatanga, B. (2014) Sexuality in palliative care: more than sex. BJCN 19(3)
Nyatanga, B. (2014) Relationships between community nurses and other health-care professionals BJCN 19(2)
Nyatanga, B. (2014) Palliative care in the community: reflections from 2013. BJCN. 19(1)
Nyatanga, B. (2013) Putting a principle of palliative care into the community/ BJCN 18(12)
Nyatanga, B. (2013) Improving palliative care through person-centred care. BJCN 18(11)
Nyatanga, B. (2013) Attitudes to death: a time to pose difficult questions. BJCN 18(10)
Nyatanga, B. (2013) Transition from paediatric to adult palliative care: more than a physical change. BJCN 18(9)
Nyatanga, B. (2013 Managing competing philosophies with palliative care. BJCN 18(8)
Nyatanga, B. (2013 Empathy in palliative care: a biological inheritance. BJCN 18(7)
Nyatanga, B. (2013 Bringing compassion back into caring: an equation of reciprocation. BJCN 18(6)
Nyatanga, B. (2013 Reforming the NHS: an opportunity for palliative care in the community? BJCN 18(5)
Nyatanga, B. (2013 Dying matters awareness week: refocusing on sensitivities of dying. BJCN 18(4)
Nyatanga, B. (2013 The impact of out-of-hours service provision on end-of-life care. BJCN 18(3)
Nyatanga, B. (2013 Is educating community nurses about end-of-life care a waste of resources? BJCN 18(2)
Nyatanga, B. (2013) Survivorship: psychological impact on altered quality of life. BJCN, 18(1)
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Researching Palliative care: More than patient recruitment and data collection. BJCN 17(12)
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Black History Month: Reflecting Black Minority Ethnic contribution to Palliative care. BJCN 17(11). November 2012
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Is there room at the Inn: palliative care for homeless people. BJCN. Vol. 17(10), October 2012
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Are GPs ready to talk about death and dying? BJCN. Vol 17(9). September 2012
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Communicating with dying patients: a time to listen more than talk. BJCN. Vol. 17(8) August 2012
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Inside the mind of a relative at the end of life. BJCN. 17(7). 28th June 2012
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Making a difference through QELCA: engaging community nurses in caring. BJCN Vol. 17, Iss 6, 31 May 2012, pp 285
Nyatanga, B. (2012) From bowel habits to sexuality: the taboos of caring in palliative care. BJCN Vol. 17, Iss. 5, 04 May 2012, pp 210 - 21
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Caring about Culture (Editorial). BJCN. 17(4) March 2012.
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Looking after everyone else except yourself: the double edged sword of caring. BJCN 17(2): 109 February 2012
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Enabling patients to die at home: hidden tensions and barriers. BJCN, Vol. 17(1). January 2012
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Enabling patients to die at home: hidden tensions and barriers. Comment. BJCN 17(1) January 2012
Nyatanga, B. (2011) End of life care in the community: attaining a critical balance. Comment: BJCN 16(10): 504

Editorials and articles

Nyatanga, B. (2013 Empathy in palliative care: is it possible to understand the other person. IJPN, 19(10)
Nyatanga, B. (2012) Survivorship: the need to assess the effects of an altered life. Editorial, IJPN 18(12)
Nyatanga, B. (2012) In search of alternative ways of dying. Editorial. IJPN Vol. 18(7). July 2012
Idigbe, I.E., Nyatanga, B. Nicol, J. (2012) Touching Lives: Making a difference through match making in an HIV clinic. IJPN 18(2): 56-60. February 2012
Nyatanga, B. (2011) Reaching Out: Doing ‘good’ in the name of Palliative Care. Editorial, IJPN 15(6) June 2011
Nyatanga, B. (2011) The pursuit of cultural competence: Service accessibility and acceptability. IJPN 17(5) p: 212-215
Nyatanga, B (2010) Talking openly about death and dying. Editorial, IJPN 16(6)
Nyatanga, B. (2010) Survivorship: living with and beyond Cancer. Editorial, IJPN 16(2)
Nyatanga, B. (2009) A passage to Switzerland. Editorial. IJPN. 15(7)
Nyatanga, B. (2009) Are your shoe laces shortening? Editorial. IJPN 15(2)De Vocht, H.,
De Vocht, H.M., Nyatanga, B. (2008) Patientenwille muss an erster Stelle stehen. Pflegezeitschrift, 12, 682-685. (translation into German from an English publication on request )
Nyatanga, B. (2008) Cultural competence; A noble idea in a changing world; Editorial. IJPN 14(7)
Nyatanga B. (2008) Intuition in clinical decision-making: a psychological De Vocht, H.M. penumbra IJPN 14(10) 492-496
Costello J. Nyatanga B. Mula C. Hull J. (2008) The benefits and drawbacks of syringe drivers in palliative care. International Journal of Palliative Nursing 14: 3, 139-144.
Nyatanga, B. (2007) Allowing the voice in writing. Editorial IJPN July 2007. 13 (7) p308
De Vocht, H. & Health professionals’ resistance to euthanasia and Nyatanga, B. (2007) assisted suicide: a personal view. Commentary. IJPN. 13 (7) p351-358
Nyatanga, B. (2007) What’s in store for Palliative Care Education. Paper presented as key note address at the Higher Education Academy Conference. Cheshire, UK. Now posted on
Nyatanga, B. & Towards a definition of death anxiety. IJPN 12(9) de Vocht, H. (2006) p260-263
Nyatanga, B. (2006) Is Palliative care education in its terminal phase? Editorial. IJPN. 12(7). July 2006
Nyatanga, B. (2005) Is fear of death itself a rational preoccupation? IJPN Commentary, 11(12) p643-645
Nyatanga, B. (2005) Do pilot studies have any value in research? Editorial, IJPN 11(7) July 2005
Nyatanga, B. (2004) Foreword in Bayliss, J. (2004) Counselling skills in palliative care. Quay Books. Wilts
Nyatanga, B. (2004) Breaking through; Improving equality in the NHS workforce. Editorial IJPN July 2004.

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

I have acted as an external examiner to other universities and I am currently working with Dundee University examining their BN Palliative Care and MSc Palliative Care programmes.

I am a reviewer with different journals on request and regularly with the International Journal of Palliative Nursing. I review selected palliative care books and publish my reviews in nursing journals

I am asked to review conference abstract submissions by different organisers. Latest was for 18th International Conference on Cancer Nursing in Sept 2014.

Panel member to re-validation of palliative care courses at degree and masters level with Gloucestershire University, Ulster University, University of Wolverhampton and Chester University

I am asked to chair conferences on palliative care, and the latest being ‘Innovations in Palliative Care in October 2013.