The Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service

The Service is open throughout the year, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4pm, except when the university is closed at Christmas and Easter.

Making an appointment for Counselling or Mental Health Advice is quite easy.  If you're not sure whether your concern is suitable for Counselling or Mental Health Advice, send a completed Self-Referral Form to either service and we can discuss it with you in an initial session.


Complete the Self-Referral Form and email it to, depending on whether you are seeking counselling or mental health advice. 


  • The Counsellors can be reached on 01905 85 5417/5107/5105. 
  • The Mental Health Advisors can be reached on 01905 85 5447 or 01905 54 2645.

Visiting the Counselling and Mental Health Advice Rooms in Woodbury

The Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service is located in Woodbury at the very end of the corridor sign posted University Health Centre.  

If Counsellors and Mental Health Advisors are unavailable (i.e. the room doors are all closed), you can complete one of the pre-printed Self-Referral Forms found on the wall by the post-boxes and leave it in the relevant post-box. 

  • The Counselling post-box is Red and located between rooms WB77 and WB79. 
  • The Mental Health Advice post-box is Grey and located by room WB80.

Whatever means you choose to contact the team, someone will normally get back to you within 48 hours.

If you don't provide a completed Self-Referral Form yourself, you will be sent one to complete by email. 

After we receive your completed self-referral form, a team member will give you an idea of the current approximate waiting time for an appointment. If you think you need to see someone sooner, please let us know.