Annual Evaluation 2016/17

Annual Evaluation 2016/17

Details of the Annual Evaluation process, including a full explanation of the aims, principles and responsibilities, and templates for reports can be found below.  

Annual Evaluation Process 2016/17 - includes indicative dates for the process 

Course Annual Evaluation Report 2016/17 - revised to include PAT SWOT analysis (July 2017)

IQC Annual Evaluation Scrutineer's Report 2016/17

Institute Annual Evaluation Report 2016/17 - revised to include summary of PAT SWOT analyses (July 2017)

Link Tutor Report 2016/17

Institute Annual Evaluation Reports and related IQC minutes should be submitted to AQU by Friday 24th November 2017 for consideration by ASQEC in January 2018.

Lists of courses are available on the O drive here: 
O:\All Staff Documents\AQU\Annual Evaluation Information\~Annual Evaluation 2016-17

Data, including external examiner reports received to date, NSS outcomes and statistical student information will be made available on the O:drive as and when they become available>

Individual institute and subject sheets for DHLE data
are available at: O:\All Staff Documents\Employability\Graduate Destination information\2015-16 leavers