Policy & Regulatory Framework

Policy & Regulatory Framework

A list of regulatory frameworks, policies and guidance related to quality and learning and teaching is produced annually for ease of reference (latest version July 2017).

The remainder of this page lists quality-related strategies, regulatory frameworks, policies and guidance.

University Strategies

Learning and Teaching Strategy
Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy

Regulatory Frameworks

For Postgraduate Regulatory Framework (PRF)
and Undergraduate Regulatory Framework (URF) see Taught Courses Regulatory Framework

Guidance on the implications of the move to the Taught Course Regulatory Framework (TCRF) for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses

Generic Grade Descriptors 

Grade Descriptors – Levels 4-6
Grade Descriptors - Level 7 (Masters) - new for September 2016
Grade Descriptors – Level 8 (Professional Doctorate Taught Element Assessment Criteria) - new for September 2016

Quality-related Policies

Academic Representatives - Role Description for Course Reps and Institute Representatives - updated December 2017
Admissions Policy
Assessment Policy - updated February 2017  
Assessment - Policy and Procedures on Inclusive Assessment updated November 2017

Collaborative Academic Arrangements Policy
Course Management Committees and Role of Course Representatives updated December 2017

For Course Closure forms, see CSG forms here
Course Closure, Suspension and Major Change Policy - new April 2017

Curriculum Design Policy

Diversity and Equality policies, schemes and action plans (for race, disability, gender)
Ethics Policy - new July 2017

International Mobility - Staff Policy- added October 2016
International Mobility - Student Policy (formerly the International Student Exchange Policy) - added October 2016

Marketing and Publicity Materials - Policy for Approving for Partners - updated August 2016
Memorandum of Understanding (and International Collaborations)

Module Evaluation - Guidance for Use and Dissemination of Results - added July 2016
Module Evaluation Policy - updated July 2016
Module Evaluation Questionnaire - updated July 2016
Module Evaluation Response Form - updated July 2016

Peer-Supported Review of Teaching: added August 2017
Peer-Supported Review of Teaching Introductory Text
Peer-Supported Review of Teaching Policy
Peer-Supported Review of Teaching Form
Teaching Session Observation Form

Personal Academic Tutoring Policy - updated April 2017
Personal Development Planning (PDP) - awaiting update June 2017    

Personal Academic Tutoring July 2015

Placement and Work-based Learning:

Policy and Quality Standards on Supporting Student Personal Development Planning
Policy on Progression from Foundation Degrees to Top Up/Honours Degrees - updated Aug 2016

Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework
Quality Standards for Flexible and Distributed Learning 

Referencing Policy - added July 2016
Registered Lecturers for UW Collaborative Academic Provision (Policy for the Approval of ...)
Relationship between HND/FD Awards and BA/BSc (Hons) Programmes

Turnitin® Policy - updated February 2017

Work-based and Placement Learning - see Placement and Work-based Learning above.

Guidance Documents

For guidance related to QA&E processes, please access directly through associated process

UW Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Positional Statement
Course Planning - Ten steps to planning an outstanding course

Course Reps (formerly StARs):
Course Reps Elections Guidance for University Staff - new September 2017
Guidance on allocating StARs to SOLE - to be updated in light of the change to Course Reps

Field Trips and International Travel - Health and Safety Guidance
HNDs - guidance on mapping content to Pearson HNDs
Independent Study: Guidance to be considered if making IS optional
Integrated Masters - Design Specification for new UW awards

Learning, Teaching and Assessment - guidance for providing information for students - added June 2017       

Mapping programme level learning outcomes to modules/exit awards - guidance added July 2016
Mapping Learning Outcomes to Modules - Powerpoint of Staff Development Session - January 2018
Mapping - example of award map - added March 2017

Module Outline - guidance for writing - updated May 2017 for 2017/18

Personal Academic Tutor Guidance
Principles for course design: Guide to writing learning outcomes
Principles for course design:  Guidance for Design of Undergraduate Courses - updated August 2017        
Principles and guidance for the design of Foundation Degrees 

Placements - Guidance for staff on developing Accessible high quality placements and work based learning for all students

Student Exchanges - Principles and outline approach to management

Talis and Reading Lists - the use of Talis Aspire in module specifications - new January 2016     
Teaching and Learning hours - QAA guidance on information for students